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  • TW10 6AS

Professional Cosmetic Dentistry in Richmond

Ark Dental Practice offers you a local, comprehensive and professional cosmetic dentistry service ranging from safe, approved tooth whitening treatments to restorative options such as tooth coloured fillings, crowns, veneers, bridges and implants. We can help with filling gaps, repairing chipped corners or replacing missing teeth to restore your smile, one of the first things people notice.

Our cosmetic dentistry practice is based in Richmond on The Vineyard, just a short drive off Twickenham Road or Richmond rail and Underground stations.

Easily Accessible For Customers Throughout Kingston

We offer free, helpful advice and information in our clean, modern practice, centrally located and easily reached by our patients in the Kingston area. Our practice is a short drive away, via the A307 past the Thames and towards the town centre.

If you would like a great smile or have any questions about aesthetic dentistry, such as repairing, lightening, reshaping or straightening, please come and chat to our friendly and professional dentists.

Our clinicians have decades of experience and are accredited by the British Dental Society or other leading worldwide centres of excellence; one of our doctors also won the Nobel Biocare Award for his work on implant techniques.

Boost your confidence with top quality dental care at an affordable price. Please feel free to telephone, book an appointment - or simply call in and see us, if you prefer.

Price List

Fees from 1st May 2022.

Service Price (£)
First Consultation (Inclusive of 2 small x-rays and OPG and soft tissue examination) £125.00
Routine 6 monthly check-up:
With no x-rays £60.00
With 2 small x-rays £96.00
Hygienist (1/2 hour) £85.00
Hygienist 45 mins (routine patient) £105.00
Hygienist 1 hr (routine patient) £140.00
Regular patient exam with OPG & 2 x-rays £125.00
Plus Non AGP PPE £10.00
First time exam £45.00
Routine 6 monthly check up £30.00
Hygienist for Children
1/2 hour: £60.00
1/4 hour: £40.00
Fissure Sealant £25.00 per tooth
Amalgam (silver fillings) from £95.00 - £425.00
Composite (White fillings) from £125.00 - £425.00
Anterior front Composite from £125.00
Plus AGP PPE £20.00
Full Gold Crown from £815.00
Porcelain Bonded Crown from £815.00
Anterior Crowns (front) from £815.00 - £995.00
Veneers from £850.00
Root Canal Fillings
Anterior from £500.00
Premolar from £580.00
Molar from £680.00
(this includes any x-rays, but any restorative work will be extra)
Tooth Whitening from £425.00
Extractions from £195.00
By consultation from £675.00
Chrome Cobalt from £1,000.00 - £1,500.00
Acrylic Additions from £145.00
Chrome Additions from £175.00
per acrylic tooth from £145.00
per chrome tooth from £145.00
Relines - Cold Cure from £130.00
Relines - Hot Cure from £185.00
MCI Splint £450.00
Invisalign from £4,500.00 by consultation
Adults from £225.00
Children from £95.00
OPG (large panoral x-ray) £50.00
Small x-rays £18.00 each x-ray