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Expert Dental Hygienist in Richmond

Clean teeth are important, but did you know that most tooth loss occurs not due to caries but due to gum problems? Your dental hygienist at our practice, just outside of Richmond town centre, can offer a professional teeth cleaning service (traditionally known as ‘scale and polish’) not only to remove stains and maintain appearance but also, just as importantly, to improve the health of your gums. This helps to detect and treat any early signs of gum disease in time and maintain the best possible oral health.

As part of your regular dental healthcare programme, we recommend appointments with a dental hygienist every six months. In some cases, appointments that are more frequent are advisable for patients who have gum problems.

Also Serving Kingston

The Ark Dental Practice is also easy to reach for patients in the Kingston area, based just a short drive away towards the town centre. We’ll happily take patients from the local area; just visit of call to book. If you have any questions, we will be glad to offer helpful advice and information on dental hygiene services and other treatment.

You can rely on our team of hygienists and dentists, who have years of experience and qualifications from leading dental colleges. Please call us or if you prefer, book an appointment with a dental hygienist. Alternatively, you are welcome to call in and see us.