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Update on Coronavirus

A warm greeting to everyone. We trust you and your loved ones are all keeping safe .

The staff at ARK DENTAL are all very keen to get  back to a normal work routine but at present there is little guidance from the dental governing bodies.

Surgeries must stay closed unless they are approved NHS urgent care centres.

We think that there may be some possibility of reopening in early July, but there is no official information on this.

Dr Rana and Dr Coombs continue to take calls and give advice on the numbers left on the answer machine.


Please note. There seems to be some research showing that brushing your teeth with toothpaste..and not rinsing it all out ..reduces the viral load for a short period  as it acts like a disinfectant. This may be worthwhile before you go out,in an attempt to reduce the spread.

In the meantime we send our best wishes to everyone.


From all the staff at Ark Dental.